SRED-ERI Explosives Trace Detector

SRED-ERI is a handheld explosives detector to identify the presence of any explosives trace on the frequent touched areas within seconds. With the fluorescent conjugated polymers quenching technology, it starts in seconds from cold, and analyzes the samples within seconds with reliable result. It’s radioactive source free, and no harm to the suspects with any possible legal issue.

Our unique alarm mode makes the detection more secure and more team oriented.

It could detect explosives and the explosives compounds as most of the explosives are mixtures, like nitro compounds (Trinitrotoluenes; Dinitrotoluene; HNS; TATB; p-MNT, m-MNT etc.), nitramines (HMX; RDX, AND etc.), nitrate ester ( isopropyl nitrite, PETN etc.), plastic explosives, emulsion explosive, black power…etc

Sampling methods: Vapor and trace particulate

Detectable explosives: more than 40 types of military, conventional and homemade explosives and the intermediators .

Analysis: ≤10 seconds with real-time detection capability

Detection Limit: ≤ 10-12 g(TNT)

False alarm rate: <1%

Startup Time: 25-second start-up from cold, 2-second start-up from sleep

Operating Temperature: -20 to 55°C, recommended operating temperature 20-40°C

Operating Humidity: ≤95% non-condensing

Storage Temperature: -10℃~55 ℃ dry clean condition; Humidity≤95%