CDV 70M /DRC 40K

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  • Display: 7″ (17.8 cm) color LCD (LED)
  • up to 2 camera units
  • no built-in memory
  • power supply: 230 V AC or possible adjustment to 17 – 30 V AC / DC
  • dimensions: 238 × 176 × 33 mm


7″ hands-free videophone with outstanding design and a metal front panel. Possibility of additional CCTV and / or second door station connection, intercom communication is possible with audio-phone DP-4VHP. Commax Co., Ltd. was established in Soul, South Korea, in 1968. Since the 1990’s it has been the leading company in the field of videophones determining the direction in which these products have been, and will be, developing. Commax products are distinguished not only by innovative design and quality manufacturing, putting the accent on first-rate materials, but also by high-quality products ensuring the users long-lasting satisfaction.

 This unit has a unique design along with the famous Commax ruggedness making it the perfect model for the protection of the house.
The Commax CDV70M is now available in India