Detector of explosive device timers

The device is designed for contactless detection of timers and remote controlled explosive devices. The device detects mechanical (clockwise based), electromechanical and electronic (including wrist-watch based) timers, and also electronic remote controlled explosive devices occupied by decoders (pagers, cellular telephones based), by their electric, magnetic, acoustic and vibrating emissions .

• Detection of periodic rhythms of mechanical and electronic timers in improvised explosive devices (I.E.D.).
• Detection of electronic timers, including electronic wrist-watch based.
• The device is simple in use, lightweight and compact.
• The device also has the capability to inspect closed packages and handbags with the help of a needle-shaped acoustic microphone.
• Test targets (mechanical, electromechanical and electronic) are available.
Detection range:
– mechanical clock based fuses 20 – 100 cm
– electromechanical clock based fuses 15 – 40 cm
– electronic clock based fuses 5 – 25 cm
– electronic control devices 3 – 25 cm
Power supply 4 x AA
Current compsuntion (in E mode) not more than 60 mA
Operating time with one set of fresh cells not less than 30 hours
Dimensions, mm 510 L x 90 H x 34 D
Operating temperature +5…+40 °C
Weight (with case) 650 g (2,4 kg)