QNO 7080 (4 MP Bullet IR Camera )





Improved bandwidth efficiency with WiseStream, H.265

improved bandwidth efficiency with WiseStream, H.265

WiseStream, the advanced compression technology can reduce bandwidth by 50% by using dynamic technologies. And when combined with H.265, the bandwidth efficiency can be improved up to 75% compared to the current H.264 technology .

Defocus detection


Defocus detection

Defocus detection helps recognizing images that are out of focus and significantly improves efficiency. Users can also adjust the optimal focus remotely via network (4MP Varifocal product), reducing the installation time of the camera.

Fixed Lens

Varifocal Lens

Even with backlight, Wisenet’s cutting-edge WDR technology addresses a limitation found in conventional WDR cameras while producing clear and vivid images. WDR improves the accuracy of an image by resolving the difference in brightness.

The 2.8 ~ 12mm varifocal lens, created by Hanwha Techwin’s own advanced technology, supports True H : 109.7° (Wide) ~ 26.0° (Tele) with more flexibility in field of view.



Hallway View for monitoring vertical shaped areas

In a vertical shaped environment, traditional horizontal shaped videos focus on unnecessary edges of the area causing bandwidth and storage waste. The Hallway view creates 3 : 4 and 9 : 16 ratio image which is vertically oriented and maximizes image quality in a narrow environment .



Minimize image distortion by Lens Distortion Correction

Lens Distortion is typically shown in video on the straight lines near to edges of a image making the straight lines look curved outward. With Lens Distortion Correction technology imperfections in images are easily removed.