Retail Solutions Analytics

Sight to Business intelligence

Effective store visibility and information

In the traditional retail businesses, the most critical aspect was providing goods and services according to consumers’ demands at a reasonable price, and the main role of security cameras was protection of property, i.e. safeguarding products from theft and deterring other illegal activities.

However, the priority of modern day retail business is to provide customers with pleasant experience, and to identify and meet their rapidly changing needs and preferences. In essence, modern day consumers require a completely new approach for retail businesses to get their attention, and identify their needs and preferences.

Hanwha Techwin’s retail solutions not only meet the basic requirements of safety and security, but also necessary intelligence data for businesses to thrive, such as consumers’ store traffic through heatmap and visitor count.

Store Floor and Warehouse Area

  1. A safe store for customers and staff, and a secure store for in-store property

    • Hanwha Techwin’s retail solution provides cost-effective monitoring using 360° fish-eye camera and low-cost cameras
    • And creates more sophisticated surveillance environment thanks to video analytics and sound classification and 4K high-res cameras.
    • It also comes with SSM, which centrally controls and monitors multiple cameras and devices in store, and a mobile device that supports remote monitoring.

Entrance, Service Counter and Display Stand

  1. Helping the businesses to be more effective and profitable by analyzing user experience from customers’ perspective

    • Using people counting, our solution identifies the visitor pattern to help with effective staff allocation and appropriate promotion time.
    • Queue management monitors the waiting line and manages the time to create the most optimal user experience.
    • Heatmap provides visual data to identify the amount and the flow of store traffic, and help the businesses to make the most effective strategic decision regarding the placement of products and display stand.
    • In all of these functions, you can search for specific data and download reports, and using Wisenet BI Solution, a separate software, you can also collect data from multiple stores as well as combine with other retail solutions.