SEL KOMAR -Microphone Jammer

SEL-310 Komar – Portable jammer of microphones and audio recorders

Ultrasonic jammer Komar is designed for complete protection of conversations from recording on devices with microphones such as mobile phones (including smartphones), dictaphones, audio recorders (including professional and digital), radio and wired microphones. This supressor creates a complex structed ultrasonic noise which impacts directly to microphone diaphragm. Komar can be placed on a table or inside a briefcase.

echnical characteristics:
Amount of ultrasound suppressors, pcs. 10
Emission range , kHz 24 — 26
Type of emission interference complex structured ultrasonic noise
Recording equipment suppressing distance up to 3 meters (depending on the type and location of the microphone)
Type of integrated batteries Li-Pol
Capacity of each battery 4100 mА/h
Indicator of battery discharge yes
Input of power voltage 5V, 2А
Time of continuous operation with a fully battery charge, not less than, h up to 4
Time of full charging cycle, no more than, h 10
Possibility intermediate charge yes
Range of operating temperature, C +5…+40
Relative humidity, not more than 85%
Dimensions, mm 110х105х46
Weight, g 300