Society Main Gate Solution via CCTV – LPR Cameras

A solution to most residential societies who have to have the main gate manned 24/7 .This

Vivotek Stop and Go Embedded License Plate Recognition

Stop & Go Embedded LPR Camera

VIVOTEK has introduced a standalone compact license plate recognition camera, the IB9387-LPR. Featuring built-in license plate recognition software and edge-computing capability, the IB9387-LPR can identify license plates from over 70 countries or states simultaneously. The camera also converts number plates into Wiegand signals for use with an access control system, and offers various APIs for integration with 3rd party systems. The system is ideally applied for parking access control and Stop & Go toll systems or any LPR applications where a vehicle stops, or almost comes to a complete stop

Stop & Go Embedded LPR Camera

Why VIVOTEK’s LPR Cameras

  • Embedded Access Control Application Based on LPR Software
  • Fully Integrated with VAST 2 (VIVOTEK Video Management Software)
  • Extensive List of Supported Countries
  • Black and White Lists for License Plate Verification
  • Centralized List Management in a Single Camera
  • Wiegand Output for Access Control Applications
  • Various Open APIs are Available for 3rd Party Integration