Time & Attendance


Spectra’s Time & Attendance solution is engineered to help organizations manage their human resource capital efficiently. It minimizes inconsistencies to ensure improved productivity while saving time in payroll processing. Collaborative in nature, the solution helps to eliminate time theft and reduce payroll lags. Using Biometric technology and smart card, data is systematically gathered and converted to a database format for HR administration and processing.

Our solution is a promise of increased safety and superior efficiency. It can be installed at prominent locations in the company premises. Real time movement data of all employees can be tracked with ease by bringing an entire workforce on a single platform.

Our straight-forward solution enhances ease for localized operations. It is backed by a powerful MIS for better planning and monitoring. A well-defined user management ensures menu-wise rights assignment to users. Our users get more power and control over the process, such like, menu-wise rights assignment, location-wise user rights for decentralized relevant data access and non-editable log of each and every action for audit trail, to name a few.

Solution Features

Differing policy frameworks based on location, company, department, category or any combination of these, or even to individual employee

Facility to define various employee groups and applicability of different attendance policies, as per their roles.

HR users get to manage only the workforce assigned to them based on location, company, department or category.

Central HR can access all data for all locations, all group companies.

Work-flow for effortless inter-location transfers or deputations.

Attendance system can be integrated with any HRMS/payroll system.

Entire system can be configured to synchronize with active directory for ID creation/movement across OU/ID deletion etc.

Supported Modules

  • Shift
  • Leave
  • Overtime
  • Late/early
  • Tour/outdoor
    Duty Policies
  • Hierarchy
  • Workflow

Leave Management

Spectra’s leave management is a fail-safe module to able take care of absence and leave payments with precision. The system can be configured to look after leave groups, clubbed leaves, leave calendar and layered approvals for an in-depth leave analysis and encashment.

Key Features of Spectra’s Leave Management Module

Leave groups to manage employee-wise leave structure

Multiple leave types with varying policies for carryover, encashment, eligibility, accruals etc.

Facility to restrict applying for multiple types of leaves clubbed together

Provision to restrict minimum & maximum days of leave through single request

Work-flow with applying for, and layered approvals of leave requests through ESS

Bird’s eye view of Leave calendar of team for supervisors through ESS

Automate shift administration and improve productivity with Spectra’s Shift Management module. The solution accurately tracks and maintains record of staff hours against unlimited shift schedules. Experience great improvements in time savings with effectual management of your staff.

Key Features of Spectra’s Shift Management Module

Unlimited shift schedules

Auto shift allocation based on first punch of the day

Flexi-shift support

Shift roster upload from excel facility

Employee/Manager can handle shift change requests through self service

Shift exceptions regularization through work-flow

Shift-wise bus route management

Shift rotation / changeover

Attendance Sheet

Spectra’s innovative Attendance Sheet Management module gives detailed insights into employee productivity. It simplifies compliance, control labor costs and boosts overall productivity. With clearer visibility of recurring trends the solution supports robust attendance capabilities.

Key Features of Spectra’s Attendance Sheet Management Module

Single screen view to facilitate various input entries

HR user can view a month’s transaction for particular employee or transaction of a group of employees for a particular date

All attendance related operations available on single right click menu

Very helpful in quick corrections/regularization

All changes made will be highlighted in different color

Payroll Protection

Spectra’s Payroll Fraud Protection module easily detects and regulates payroll trickery, impacting the financial health of organizations. Data from Biometric devices to Software up to Payroll integration is automated with zero manual intervention.

Key Features of Spectra’s Payroll Fraud Protection Module

Biometric authentication nullifies possibility of ghost employees

All corrections/regularizations happen strictly through workflow and all changes are logged in Audit trail with details of users who made those changes

Audit trail stays with database. No user can detach and alter the same

Audit trail is available only to select users through software interface

BioScribe 2C:-


A highly reliable fingerprint authentication device to record employee attendance. Equipped with an inbuilt GSM for data transfer, especially, in remote locations. BioScribe 2C brings to you real time data via a centralized server for instant usage, thus, helping business(es) plan their manpower utilization.

BioScribe 2C gives you a distinct advantage of unfailing performance with a robust battery back-up of up to two hours. Supported by rugged fingerprint sensors it has a dependable fingerprint matching algorithm for best verification results. A smart auto finger update helps keep track of changes in fingers due to moisture, dust or injury. The device qualifies IP65 standards which protects it from unwanted airborne pollutants, dust and water.

BioStamp 3S:-


A unitarily comprehensive product, Spectra’s Biometric Access Controller is at par with prevalent access automation. Elegantly designed, dynamic form-factors is an aesthetic treat with an interior complementing light grey colour, finishing it up with small TFT display within this sleek design. Not just looks, the product is also backed by robust performance. It is a powerful device with an elephantine data storage space.

A dynamic camera is configurable to hold images of pre-defined events, making it a must-have for companies where security concerns are paramount. The camera clicks invalid log-in attempts, thereby, rendering advanced safety to the system. BioStamp 3S is a mark of smart innovation with its highly tamper-resistant back-up. Enabled with smart tamper-proof technology makes it a preferred choice, among our clients. Wi-fi backed and easy to upgrade on-field capability makes it a distinct product.

BioRover 3S:-


An innovative battery-run device, BioRover 3S is an advanced handheld device that supports multiple RFID technologies. It has a high resolution large sized touchpad display. The device has varied connectivity options like wi-fi, GSM, USB along with GPS tracker to track the device for various applications. Fingerprint template can be stored on Mifare card to facilitate data portability and unlimited users.

Bearing in mind its outdoor application it has an inbuilt lithium polymer battery which can handle more than 12 hours of intense usage. The device is protected with a rubber gasket around it to ensure it has a good grip along with an elegant look and feel. Moreover, BioRover 3S can be easily upgraded at the site with the help of a USB interface.

TwinXs 3S


Spectra’s TwinXs 3S is an access control panel that supports two doors and four access readers. In addition to giving support to global anti pass back the controller supports a number of rule-based features. It can be easily configured either as a standalone or Master or as a Slave. Its high speed processor can facilitate decisions of access in just milliseconds.

It has field pluggable connectors which allows it to wire and terminate with ease. It is a reliable product which ensures unfailing power supply, as all of its reader ports are current-sufficient even during times of breakdown or malfunction. It can facilitate on field diagnostics and comes with a LCD display. Its settings helps to program the controller, without the need to attach to its host computer.