Trustworthy Banking

Trustworthy Banking

Protection in Trust and Values

Security has always been highly regarded in the banking and finance sector, to which video surveillance systems were introduced relatively early. Because older analog systems are still installed and operating in a great number of bank branches, the need to transition to the latest in network-based, high-definition video surveillance systems is increasing.

Hanwha Techwin offers a wide range of surveillance products so that customers can easily switch from an old system to a state-of-the-art system. In addition to surveillance products, we also offer flexible systems with outstanding scalability that can be used to integrate with other security systems used by banks. Our products provide excellent manageability through tools for quickly and easily managing equipment installed at a number of branches.

Banking Solution Features

  1. 1. Complete Visibility for Safety

    • ㆍ Cameras with high-resolution and WDR for real-time evidence and crime deterrence
    • ㆍ Thorough monitoring in any surroundings without disharmony
    • ㆍ Efficient operations with intelligent video and audio analytics
  2. 2. Central Management & Data Integrity

    • ㆍ Large-scale equipment management
    • ㆍ Failover and recovery capabilities
    • ㆍ Interface with bank IT infrastructures
    • ㆍ Trustworthy network security

Entrance and Teller Counter

  1. Entrances and teller counters are the most important areas in banks and call for the highest level of visibility.

    • Video surveillance devices can deter crimes just by being existent and it can be further enhanced by clear visual data. X and P-series cameras, which support 150dB WDR images and 4K resolution even during nighttime and with backlight can provide clear images with thorough details of people and objects.
    • X-series cameras are embedded with sound classification function, which distinguishes abnormal sounds, such as gunshots, shattering glass, screams and explosion, so that the users can respond to emergency situations fast.

ATM and Lounge

  1. ATM and lounge areas are often crowded, so close observation and safety are necessary. These areas particularly require a lot of attention since the use of excessive surveillance device can cause people discomfort.

    • To make the cameras’ visual presence minimum, remote head cameras are recommended as well as fish-eye cameras, which can monitor 360° degrees with just one camera. With these cameras, the customers are less intimated while closely monitoring the surrounding areas and the visitors.

Restricted Zone and Security Room

  1. Restricted zones, such as safe and data center, require 24/7 monitoring as well as guaranteed data stability, while effectively managing multiple monitoring spots.

    • Our cameras and storage devices were put through an extensive quality assurance process, and can transfer and store high-resolution image data without interruption. The failover and ARB (Auto Recovery Backup) function of our storage devices minimize data loss in case of any external disruption.
    • Our software and hardware provide seamless interface with the existing IT infrastructure and our users can centrally manage all of the devices in different locations.
    • Additionally, all of our products are put through diagnosis and analysis process under the guidance of Security-Computer Emergency Response Team (S-Cert) creating the Cybersecurity our customers can trust.