X Terra 705


VFLEX Technology

This allows you to change the frequency simply by changing coils.



Coil Compatibility

  • Standard 18.75kHz Double-D elliptical coil provides effective depth and ground coverage, plus the coil’s high frequency is extremely sensitive and perfectly suited for finding small pieces of gold.
  • Standard 7.5 kHz Concentric coil is waterproof, suitable for detecting on beach and riverside.

Target ID Stability

Target ID stability – precise, solid responsiveness in high-trash areas enabling you to efficiently and effectively search sites with a high concentration of junk.

Threshold tone for more accurate target ID interpretation.

Also a great coin detector with highly accurate discrimination and numeric target identification.

Four preset detecting patterns

Customisable and includes All-Metal mode

Prospecting Mode

The specialised Prospecting Mode has improved sensitivity making the detector more sensitive to small target signals. The Prospecting Mode can be used in highly mineralised, ‘difficult’ areas. The Prospecting Mode is ideal not only when searching for gold nuggets but also for small relics and some types of jewellery.


Adjustable Iron Mask

Designed for Prospecting Mode. This feature allows you to find desirable targets lying close to ferrous metals.

Automatic & Manual Ground Balance

Automatic/Manual Ground Balancing, Tracking and now with Tracking Ground Balance Offset adjustment. This creates a performance advantage in certain areas such as wet/dry sand transition and hot rock locations, by setting the balance slightly positive or negative.

True automatic Ground Balance eliminates false ground noises so you can hear elusive small gold signals.

Pinpoint Modes

Two Pinpoint Modes: Auto and Sizing.

Depth indicators update continuously, even in Pinpoint mode.

Noise Cancel

Effective noise cancel reduces interference.

Noise Cancel

Effective noise cancel reduces interference.


Lightweight, balanced design (only 1.3kgs) so you can enjoy detecting for longer periods.

LCD Display

Positive transflective LCD display providing a back light only in dim light conditions enabling better screen visibility in poor lighting whilst saving battery charge in well lit conditions.